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Meet Dr. Sam



Great to meet you!

I’m Dr. Sam. I want to share a little more about myself.  Why did I choose to become a doctor?  What am I doing?

Read on to find out!

Ever since I was a boy, I grew up calling myself doctor Sam.  Mostly, because everyone would tell me about “Green Egg’s and Ham” by Dr. Seuss. The first in my family to be born in America. My family immigrated from Taishan, China.

They were simple farmers who grew up in the rural parts of China.

I had to grow up quick as a kid after battling cancer twice.  Brain cancer (glial blastoma) at 8 years old and liver cancer at 16. The hardest thing wasn’t the hours, weeks, and months of chemo.  It was having to translate my own prognosis to my Chinese speaking parents. I was lucky because my doctors saved my life.   With a 10% chance to live, I’m supposed to be dead. My doctors turned a 90% chance of dying to a 100% of kick-a**.  I always felt a desire to help others. Naturally, all of my cancer treatments killed my cancer and my body in the process. Even after 15 years of remission, my feet still go numb from time to time.

By the time I was 16, I was nearing 300 pounds from all the steroids and eating junk while working at my parent’s Chinese food restaurant.  After my second diagnosis, I turned to nutrition and exercise to take back control of my health.  It wasn’t long before I met a local physical therapist in town.  I watch her help an 8-year-old get his life back through physical therapy.  She saw him 3 times a week for 3 months. That’s 36 hours of work! I knew I wanted to be able to help people like that.



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